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The Red Oak team is well positioned to address software solutioning needs for customers in the Telecom industry via a combination of its deep domain expertise and experience building cloud based scalable solutions for customers globally. The team can build solutions to build next generation networks, maintain and evolve existing networks, automate existing less efficient workflows and extract actionable insights from existing data sets. An avid practitioner of agile methodologies, the Red Oak team’s approach is to build economically viable solutions, in an iterative manner, to address customers needs. 


With an agile approach, the Red Oak team can build prototype solutions for operators, vendors and enterprises in a cost and time efficient manner. The Red Oak team can be your partner in building prototype solutions where building a fully scalable solution may not be economically viable due to market size or business case uncertainty.



The Red Oak team comprised of software architects, developers and QA experts can be your partner in developing commercial grade scalable solutions to manage evolution of wireless networks, improve operational efficiency and leverage insights from existing data sets for strategic decisions. The core development team has expertise in some of the market leading tools, systems, platforms, languages and frameworks such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, C/C++, Kaggle, Kubernetes, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, Python, R and Golang. With such technical expertise, the Red Oak team is well capable of building scalable solutions for your organization that also adhere to latest design principles.



Organizations looking to augment their existing development and product teams to fill bandwidth or expertise gap need not look further than Red Oak. Red Oak’s expertise and variable cost modelhas allowed organizations in variety of industries from Telecom to Healthcare continue to deliver and deploy solutions in a cost effective and timely manner. The Red Oak’s roster of product managers, project managers, software developers and QA specialists can help your organization to quickly scale up and down based on the workload.

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