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The Red Oak team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of planning, designing, building, and maintaining telecommunications networks. As wireless technologies evolve to enable economies and connectivity, network dependence and reliability become ever so important. This is where Red Oak’s experience and team of expert, agile network engineers can play an instrumental role in designing, building, testing, and maintaining next generation networks. Engage with the following network services via a number of models from staff augmentation to full turnkey solutions.


By increasing antennas on the rooftops and introducing new Wireless technologies, public concern rises around the safety of RF emissions.  Red Oak Technologies is an independent company and leading expert in Canada that evaluates the RF emission level and safety of Wireless sites, known as Safety Code 6 testing services in Canada (SC6). Red Oak also promotes the public understanding of RF safety around Wireless system.


Red Oak Technologies has more than 15 years experience on evaluating and providing SC6 reports for more than 20,000 sites throughout Canada. With the latest RF Emission tool and a group of well-trained RF engineers, Red Oak technologies evaluates RF safety of roof top and tower antenna installations, as well as Wi-Fi and DAS installations.


As a Professional engineering firm, Red Oak provides the following Safety Code 6 (SC6)  Services:

  • Analysis RF Safety of the property with SC6 report.

  • Perform on-site RF measurement and prepare SC6 report.

  • Evaluate the existing Safety measure and help property managers to develop a safe procedure for rooftop access.

  • Provide a wide range of SC6 training classes for new engineers, as well as construction managers.


Some of the organizations using Red Oak Safety Code 6 (SC6) services are:

  • Property Managers

  • School boards

  • Communities including Churches, and public agencies.

  • Tower manufacturer and Antenna installers

  • Equipment manufacturer

  • Most of Canadian Operators (Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Freedom Mobile, Cogeco)


Network Engineering Consulting services


Red Oak’s provides network engineering consulting services with the best team’s deep industry, technical expertise and expertise in tools such as PlanetEV and EDX SignalPro, can supplement the current RF planning team, or provide a complete outsourced engagement, using preferred design methodology.

Once a network has been designed, it is equally important to ensure it continues to perform at optimal levels. Red Oak’s drive testing services can provide this confidence and assurance. The service can be used to benchmark networks against competition’s network, launch services innew markets and ensuring acceptance testing requirements are met.

The Red Oak team also provides drawing services for site engineering, using Visio and AutoCAD, including drawings for compound and shelter layouts, cabling/interconnect drawings, RF integration experts in Canada, rack layouts, and tower profiles.

Macro Networks


Good in-building cellular service is critical to customer satisfaction and retention. Red Oak is an expert in all aspects of the design of in-building and small cell antenna systems, including multi- carrier DAS. Our services include design using iBWave, site surveys, engineering drawing preparation, continuous-wave and baseline testing, PIM and cable sweep testing, and acceptance testing.



Red Oak’s Wi-Fi services include site surveys, network design using tools such as Ekahau, commissioning, installation and deployment, and acceptance testing.



The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform our lives from transportation and agriculture to energy management, home automation, health care and beyond. Red Oak continues play a key role in this revolution via its expertise in a number of IoT technologies such as NB-IoT, LTE-CatM, LoRa, SigFox, Ingenu, BLE, Zigbee Pro. Red Oak’s IoT services include scenario and use case development, business case development, network design, site surveys, implementation, and data analytics.

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When it comes to voice and data traffic management, the Red Oak network engineering team has the expertise to engineer links to prevent congestion and performance bottlenecks, and has designed hundreds of microwave backhaul links. By leveraging industry-standard tools such as PathLoss, the Red Oak team ensure the microwave links support the projected traffic demand at the targeted link availability. The services here include link design, frequency coordination to ensure against interference, and licensed spectrum application with regulatory agencies, such as the FCC or ISED.


Consulting Services for Governments: High-speed internet is critical for economic development. That’s why many countries have categorized high-speed internet as an essential service, alongside electricity and water. When market forces alone are not sufficient to drive internet availability, particularly common in rural areas with lower population density, government assistance is often required. The Red Oak team can help in questions around coverage and speeds required as well as the cost of deploying a robust network.

Consulting Services for Enterprise: The Red Oak engineering team is well versed in a wide range of technologies and equipmentvendors. Since the team doesn’t represent a particular vendor, the services offered are impartial, keeping the customer’s best interest in mind. Typically the consulting services begin with a discovery sessions where the team learns about business objectives before a range of options are explored that include technology strategy development and comparisons, business case and total-cost-of-ownership analysis, RFP creation and vendor selection support, design and implementation oversight, and acceptance testing support.

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