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Red Oak’s suite of device realization solutions, expertise in emerging technologies and flexible engagement models allows our customers to meet the demands of launching edge devices in a variety of markets. In a constantly changing world of edge devices, Red Oak’s complete suite of devicerealization solutions from certification planning, product validation to post launch support plays a key role in launching quality products in the market. With a combined 100+ years of experience, the Red Oak team is well positioned to assist with not only developing custom solutions for launching wireless products in the market but leverage its data analytics capabilities to provide actionable insights about products in the field that would eventually feed into product roadmaps.

Device Testing Services in Canada


Wireless Operators: Our team of technology strategy consultants can provide guidance and well developed plans to define product roadmaps for Device Testing, accessories and IoT products including a comprehensive vendor selection strategy. The services include roadmap definition, vendor selection, RFP development and review. Our team is deeply experienced in providing just the right level of coverage when developing RFP documents with respect to go- to-market product strategy, product lineup categorization, technology selection, standard support, band requirements, value-added services and application support, hardware requirements, industry certification, marketing requirements, warehousing, ordering, returns, and repairs policy.

Vendors: The Red Oak product launch team is well positioned to help new and established vendors launch edge products in new markets combining its local market knowledge with its technical expertise in product certification and industry standards. The work involves conducting market research, competitive analysis, reviewing traction of similar products followed defining requirements of edge products that could success in the chosen markets with clear go-to-market and pricing strategies.

Portfolio Consulting



The fast paced evolution of wireless technology and ever changing customer needs requires operators and vendors to develop and continue to evolve their comprehensive suite of requirements for edge devices and accessories. The Red Oak team’s deep expertise in developing product requirements and designing cost efficient strategies to validate the products against those requirements provides the right level of confidence to the operators and vendors while launching flagship products in the market. Red Oak’s Certification planning services include:


Requirements Design: The Red Oak team can develop detailed product requirements documents defining requirements for vendor documentation, standards support, radio access and system selection, provisioning, native and over-the-top applications,UI/UX, memory, VoLTE, carrier aggregation, VoWiFi, and hardware, software, battery and platform services, such as NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Besides the technical requirements, the team can design marketing and logistics requirements that would allow the operators and vendors to smoothly launch and manage the products post-launch.


Test Plan Development: The Red Oak team can define a cost-efficient validation strategy to ensure the products meet the defined requirements via a combination of lab, interoperability, field, technology, value added services testing and industry certification.


Certification Process: The Red Oak technology strategy team is well versed in defining custom certification processes for various types of wireless products from mobile devices, accessories to IoT products to ensure the processes consider the quality requirements, customers and markets the products are geared towards. This includes defining end-to-end certification processes from detailed tasks for each validation and issue resolution round to ensuring a constant flow of information between the operators and vendors.

Cert Planning


Red Oak’s product validation services provide time and cost efficient means for operators and vendors to launch edge products in the market. The Red Oak team can engage on a variety of levels from an augmentation model to filling expertise gap via module based or fixed cost solutions. Our core product validation services are:

Project Management: The Red Oak acts as a “glue” throughout the certification process between the operator’s engineering, marketing, and customer support teams as well asproduct vendors’ R&D and product teams. The services here include troubleshooting productissues, coordinating test activities and conducting periodic review to find efficiencies in the validation process.

Industry Certification: The Red Oak team, via its extensive lab network, can assist in submitting applications to industry certification bodies, submit product samples to authorized laboratories, review and approve test reports, request re-tests as required, apply for certificate issuance and provide local representation to vendors.

Solution and Interoperability Validation: Product interoperability is one of the key concerns as it pertains to edge devices, in particular IoT devices. The Red Oak team is well positioned to address this concern via its comprehensive suite of interoperability validation ensuring the product to be launched works seamlessly as part of a larger and practical solution.


​Value Added Services and Application Validation: A complete suite of VAS and Application validation services include testing messaging, browsing, Wi-Fi calling, multimedia services, location services, over-the-air provisioning, over-the-top services, native applications and USIM applications.

Terminal Platform Validation: Platform validation involves ensuring the operating system, battery and technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not only conform to their respective standards but also provide a desired user experience.


​Field Validation: Red Oak’s suite of field validation services test radio access capabilities, call performance, inter-and intra-frequency handovers, data session stability, Wi-Fi and accessories interoperability.


​Lab Validation: Red Oak’s validation strategy ensures the supported technologies (UMTS,HSPA, LTE, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, 5G), at the protocol and RF level, conform to the industry standards and provide the desired performance.


Post Launch Support: The ever increasing number of mobile applications, complexity of edge devices and software updates require oeprators to dedicate a significant amount of internal resources to maintain product quality. The Red Oak team can take thisburden off the operator’s shoulders while they focus on strategic projects. The services include liaising with product vendors and operators network teams to investigate and resolve issues, provide resolution suggestions to the vendors, provide recommendations on further updates to the test plan based on issues observed after launch, update and maintain issues lists, and benchmark products and services withother operators’ offerings via performance testing.




Product Validation
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